Have you ever stopped to think about what goes into building and running a city?

Have you ever considered the city to be among the most complex human creations?

Innumerable parts, structures, machines, people and other creatures, performing a complex choreography – part scripted, part chaos.

Urbania aims to shine light on what goes into this everyday complexity.

Coming from the mind Adam Pajgrt, Urbania is a miniature living city, in the form of an interactive exhibition.

Visitors are invited to take a stroll through its sprawling districts – each representing a single design principle.

A number of disciplines come together to make an exhibition like this happen. Sociological research, storytelling, architecture, design, animation, programming and more.

I was invited to have a slice of that pie – light programming.

Using Schéma I set up and fine tuned various light moods according to the vision of the lead architect and scenographer, Bronislav Stratil of RSAA and Zuzana Tomková.

Exposing key scenes and parameters via OSC made it possible to react to the story’s progression and various interactive triggers. Basically to synchronize with the rest of the installation which was in the versatile hands of 3dsense.

Geek Board

techy trivia
  • DMX and DALI light fixtures were used in combination with WS2812 LED strips.
  • User-facing screens used Unity and ran on Windows and Oculus Quest devices.
  • 12 channel sound was streamed from pd via Dante
  • Everything was orchestrated via OSC from a Python based timeline

Additional Credits

IPR Praha

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