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A playful visual environment for behavior programming with focus on physical devices and spatial relations.
Built from the ground up in the VL visual programming language


Common tasks are a click away. Quickly explore various possibilities.


Control lights, generate audio, drive projections, integrate sensors and more.


Free for non-commercial, educational and evaluation purposes. Pass it around!

explore the

main featureS

Click click... Click

You're live

A couple of clicks and you’re talking to the world.

Start the app and be outputting OSC, DMX, Visuals and more in a matter of seconds.


Animation is only a

block away

Create behaviors in a pleasing block based environment.

Even a single block can yield interesting results but combined they form a powerhouse.

A very

Spatial Relationship

Individual fixtures can react to their surroundings.

Work with distances, relative group positions and more to create breathtaking volumetric experiences in record time.


Never Have to manually

Label Controls

Create controller profiles that fit the layout of your MIDI controllers.

Label your mappings and never forget which knob does what.

Clean from afar

Detailed up close

Information density increases as you zoom in.

Get a clean overview leaning back, dive in when you need to adjust.

Like an animation?

Apply all over

Block based behaviors can be applied to any fixture type.

Create a sophisticated animation for your moving head and then have everything else follow suit.

Create an autonomous

Hive mind

Create rules to switch behaviors automatically, based on time, audio or other external input.

All using a single interface.

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