A light, coming in and out of darkness.

Restless. Spinning out of control.

Windowlickerz is a passion project of Oliver Torr and HRTL, focusing heavily on hardware audio synthesis.

For their live shows, me and the rest of the folks from XYZ project have created a kinetic light object – nicknamed Mobius 3.0, continuation of the light fixture series dating back to our live performance roots.

The object has been deployed multiple times in different configurations, first appearing at the Luchmeat Festival in 2017.

The installation, originally controlled using plain vvvv beta with motion operated by hand, eventually became motorized with all control integrated within Schéma. 

Being able to drive both the light and motion elements from a single interface allowed me to create an intricate interplay between the two.

Geek Board

techy trivia
  • The light pieces are fitted with WS2811 digital LED pixels controlled wirelessly via an ESP8266
  • Mains power is transferred to the axis with what's called a slip ring
  • The motion is supplied with a stepper motor fitted with a worm gear and a belt
  • The base has wheels which make many situations so much simpler
  • An Xbox 360 controller was used as the motor input

Additional Credits

Additional Photography
Marek Šilpoch

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