Inner Light Study

In complete darkness, you enter the church of St. Salvator.

You sit down, carefully, in one of the many rows of hardwood benches, normally reserved for prayer.

Your fellow souls settle around you and everything becomes quiet…
Suddenly, you hear a noise coming. All the way up from the distant ceiling.

A cloud comes to life.

Inner Light Study I. was performed in the historical center of Prague as part of Signal Festival – the city’s annual celebration of light. The visitors were taken on a nature inspired meditative journey which emphasized the location’s natural qualities for contemplation and worship.

I’ve worked with the authors Tereza Bartůňková and Štepán Hejzlar, helping them to bring their vision to reality.

We created a series of partially automated scenes using Schéma as the main light operating tool. Their order and parameters were controlled dynamically through a couple of MIDI controllers.

This allowed the atmosphere to keep up with Oliver Torr’s and Ondřej Merta’s continuously evolving musical performance.

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